Timeshare Merchant Account

Timeshare Merchant Account

Providing merchant accounts and credit card processing for the timeshare industry. We specialize in timeshare sales and advertising. We have both payment solutions to accept credit cards and ach payments as well. Our experienced staff can assist you and is standing by to take your call. For fastest service please

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Call us today or apply online. Our experienced staff will determine your specific needs and recommend a solution that meets your specific situation. We understand that one size does not fit all and can tailor your credit card processing to meet your individual needs.

Should I consider a merchant account when entering the Timeshare business?

Timeshares are a unique entity because you do not know who else you are sharing a property with and the owners can often chose to stay in the apartment themselves if their schedule aligns with the destinated slot you paid for. Advertisement is one of biggest marketing tools in business today, a successful online marketing campaign can result in a more lucrative business.

Often timeshares cannot be viewed as they are situated in countries like Spain or Greece, so videos and pictures are uploaded online to show the customer what they are purchasing. This means that the consumer can also make their payment online using a variety of different online payments instead of having to pay in cash.

Why is having access to merchant accounts so essential?

Merchant accounts are pivotal for the growth of any business because they allow payments to be taken easier due to the emergence of being able to pay online. However, it is important to note that having a successful merchant account is pivotal to the growth of you business, as you do not want a service that is poor, with individuals who are unqualified.

In a world that seems to be ever-evolving it is not possible for companies to handle all transactions and payments in house , especially for businesses who seem to be growing at an exponential rate. This is also the case for the timeshare business as this is largely seasonal with holiday makers wanting to travel to where the sun is, dealing with all these payments at once could cause harm to your business as one wrongly taken payment can be disastrous for the reputation you may have worked so hard to install. In some cases business can handle the amount of payments they receive on a daily basis, however not every single individual customer is going to come to you when they want to pay cash, especially in a business that is selling or renting property abroad.

You may be thinking, why can I not just sign up for a credit card and use it myself? The work of merchant accounts largely go unnoticed as many individuals do not understand what they are paying for. If you take the credit card payments yourself with no outside help often the transactions can take days to clear and although the customer may have sent you money there is no way of seeing this in your companies account until the transaction has gone through which can take up to another days. With a merchant account the process is easy and you will receive your money from the customer in a matter of minutes instead of days.

One thing that sets us apart from the rest of the competition is just how easy the set-up process is for the gateway, which is key because this feature allows business to obtain the exponential growth they require in a short period of time. The online payments work by providing you with an online virtual terminal that allows you to insert details like the amount of the payment which is then sent to the bank for approval. Once this has been approved the customer will then receive their own online terminal where they can either approve of decline the transaction. Once approved the payment is taken and a receipt is generated and saves both parties countless hours of hassle. Some of our competitors do not accept all card payments, however we offer a variety of different issuers that include Visa, Mastercard and Amex which means that you no longer have to inform customers that you only take a specific amount of card which could have potentially lost you business in the past.

What can you offer that other merchant account providers cannot?

Some banks and other merchant account providers do not accept payments of smaller and larger payments which could be potentially catastrophic for your business. However, we verify payments of any size as long as both parties consent to the agreed amount which means your business is not hampered for being successful.

Although credit cards are by far the most popular service in terms of payment, we also offer check providing services. This could be pivotal to your business as a big customer may have a large order that is worth a lot of money but can online pay via online payment and not by credit card. You may not be able to ask this customer if they are able to pay with credit card instead due to the fear of potentially losing them so this feature offers some versatility when taking payments online.

Most merchant account providers do not offer chargeback services, but we believe that it is our responsibility to help you with any turmoil that may be coming your way. Chargebacks is something that all business in this field will have to put up with, but with the necessary help this process can be a lot easier. When you are in the Timeshare business it is inevitable that you will be wanting customers who prefer to have recurring payments, instead of paying in one lump sum. We offer the luxury of offering a recurring payment system where you are guaranteed to gain the correct amount on the day you have agreed upon, as long as the customer has the correct amount of funds in their account.

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