Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement: High Risk Merchant Account, LLC remains fully committed to the confidentiality & privacy of all of our clients. We have many safe guards in place to attempt to prevent a breach of privacy from occurring. We've outlined our policies below.

Email: Client email addresses are never sold or traded to any Third Parties, for the purpose of marketing or solicitation. We do however store externally, email address for the purpose of marketing and follow-up emails.

Online Applications: Online applications are secured by SSL Encryption, to protect against hacking during the submissions of online pre-application information. The encryption is provided by a third-party provider and we make no warranties on is effectiveness. Further our website is scanned by a third-party security firm to seek out vulnerabilities to attacks and check for hacker software. Again we make no warranties on any third party services. Lastly, all data is stored on a external drive that is secured and password protected. Information is provided on a voluntary basis and at your own risk.

Browser Cookies: We do track web-site traffic through the use of Third-Party tracking products, to monitor website traffic. Typically a harmless cookie may be place by third parties to monitor all return traffic to our website. You can "Turn-Off Cookies" within your web browser, should you be uncomfortable with this practice.

Credit Card Information: We never store any client credit card data either online or onsite. In the rare event that we take a card number over the telephone, that information is destroyed after the transaction is processed. Any gateway transactions via internet are through PCI Compliant Gateways, providing their own security during the transaction process. We make no warranties on security of third-party gateways.

Feedback: Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.
Revised January 14, 2016