Adult Merchant Account

Adult Merchant Account

Offering credit card processing to adult merchants who otherwise will not qualify for traditional merchant account processing. We specialize in adult credit card processing. We have several solutions for practically any type of business in this industry category

  • Adult Website
  • Strippers / Strip Club
  • Gentleman's Club
  • Massage Parlor
  • Phone Sex Lines
  • Escort Service

Call us today or apply online. Our experienced staff will determine your specific needs and recommend a solution that meets your specific situation. We understand that one size does not fit all and can tailor your credit card processing to meet your individual needs

Are you looking for a merchant account to help with the growth of your adult entertainment company?

As a business in the adult entertainment industry, you will be well aware that the market is largely saturated and every company needs a unique selling point to ensure success. However, due to the controversial nature of the business some banks will not want to be involved with a company in this sector. Factors such as the threat of high chargebacks and potential illegal behaviours are just two of the reasons why many companies will not even look at your application. Despite this, we pride ourselves on being able to help any business that may be considered as high risk. We have worked with several companies in the erotic and adult entertainment business and have often helped them gain the services that a n experienced merchant account provider can give.

Why should I require the services of an online merchant?

The growth in technology is expanding every day and companies that want to survive must adapt their business in order to make money. In the past, cash payments was one of the only ways you could pay for a service. However, due to the emergence of different payment methods, cash is no longer the preferred payment of most. We process the payment of credit cards from a variety of different issuers. Payments from Visa, Mastercard and Amex will all be accepted and if your customer requests to pay online then this can also be done through the notion of ACH and check processing. There is also an option for us to help you get a terminal set up so you can then swipe the credit card of the individual in person provided they are able to give you a valid signature. The possibilities are endless with new payment methods as your business could transform overnight.

Our online portals are safe and secure so you can rest assure that any payment that is made by your customer is going to be safely deposited into your account. This works by the customer accessing one of our virtual portals and then inputting the amount they are paying for your service. This will then pop up on your screen and you will have the opportunity to either decline or approve this payment, if you deem the payment as valid then the funds are deposited into a third party bank account that is created by us. This is done so we can make sure that the customer has the necessary funds and then we can process the money which will then be seen in your bank account within a few days. This service was designed to be as efficient and as safe as possible, due to the advanced technology that we use the majority of our customer experience no trouble and their transactions are completed smoothly.

Is it a problem if other merchant account providers have rejected my application?

When working in the adult entertainment industry it is inevitable that the majority of credit card processing companies will deny your application. One of the major reasons why your application may have been rejected is because of the threat of chargebacks. When the majority of banks see that you have a history with chargebacks they are often reluctant to accept your application. However, we do not reject applications purely on the threat of chargeback as we know that in your business this is something that can be inevitable. However, we may be required to take a small percentage from each of your transactions to help pays these fees. This is beneficial for both parties as we will not have to pay any unnecessary payments and you will not fall into further financial turmoil.

What happens if my company is a start-up?

If you are a new business then often banks can find it difficult to help underwrite your company due to the lack of financial records you may have to suggest that your company is worth the risk. However, this does not mean they will necessarily reject your application, as if you can show our advisors that you have a high credit score then your application could be accepted. It is important to note that due to the risk that could occur the fees could be much higher than if your business was established and has the records to suggest that your company is financially viable.

Do you offer both domestic and offshore options?

With the world becoming increasingly globalized there are many more opportunities for companies to receive offshore transactions. We offer payments to be processed from both domestic and offshore accounts to allow your company to expand. With the opportunity to gain many more customers acquiring an offshore account that will allow you to gain payment within a few days seems like a no brainier. It is important to understand that transactions processed from overseas are more risky than domestic payments. It is for this reason that the transaction fees for payments from overseas are higher than payments that are made domestically.

We have a positive rapport with our clients and have always maintained high standards when called upon. Our dedicated customer service team are available to be contacted day or night and can help answer any questions that you may have with either your application or the service itself. We can be contacted via both email and telephone so please get in touch with us now!

What do I need to apply?

  • Proof of ID

  • Complete application form

  • Voided Check or Bank Letter

  • A working website url of your business