Escort Service Merchant Account

Escort Service Merchant Account

Can I apply for a merchant account if I own an escort or adult dating company?

Escort and adult dating companies have become one of the most lucrative markets across the US due to millions of singles believing that there perfect match may be online. Due to the stigma that surrounds this topic several banks are unwilling to underwrite their business making a merchant account a viable solution to help transform your business. There are a variety of reasons that make banks sceptical to help businesses in this sector.

The market is unpredictable and factors such as lawsuits or potential illegal behaviour being two of the main reason why banks turning down their applications. Due to this business expanding at an exponential rate across the US it is almost a necessity rather than a want for these companies to turn to merchant account providers for help.

Why should I apply for a merchant account?

The adult industry from previous decades is now been revolutionized since the emergence of the internet; gone are the days when customers would buy magazines or DVDs to help suppress their needs. Particularly in this business it is important to pick a merchant account provider that can ensure that payments are kept secure when transactions are being made from the customer to the business.

Our company offers a safe portal that allows transactions to be safely placed via a variety of different online methods. We process the payments made by credit cards that are issued by Visa, Mastercard and Amex to enable your customers to pay for services online. This works by the customer logging into our secure portal and then making a payment to your business, after you have checked that this is the right amount you can choose to accept the payment. Once this is done a request is sent to our technical team and the funds are held and then placed into a different account. Once the payment has been processed it will show up in your account after just a few days making it not only easier for you to receive payments but also much quicker.

In a market that is becoming increasingly diluted it is important to offer some type of versatility in terms of payment methods. This is why we allow electronic payments to also be processed and is done by ACH and check processing methods. It seems that every individual is glued to what is happening on their mobile phone so we have also decided to introduce an application that allows you to receive payments. Using this app can also allow you to keep an eye on pending transactions and also ones that may have failed. This application is available to be downloaded on the majority of mobile devices that can be found in today’s market.

Does it matter if my application for other credit card processing companies has been denied?

Due to your company being in such a high risk sector of business it is inevitable that your application will be rejected by some providers. Companies like Paypal may take one look at your application and see it as too risky to support and immediately reject your proposal. If this happened to you there is no need to panic as we can help you with other opportunities that can lower the risk of your business.

As a company we pride ourselves on being able to help those who may be denied or considered to be too high risk to support. We are experts in this field and have taken on clients from across your line of business. Our application process is quick and easy and only requires some forms of documentation. Paperwork that we may require is proof of credit score rating and a number of bank statements that could suggest that your business is not as high of a risk as first expected. Some of our competitors base companies on whether they are low or high risk and also how long they have been running their business for.

If your company is established and has been running for a significant amount of time then it may be easier for you to show the necessary paperwork. However, if you are a start-up company this can be more difficult as you may have a low credit rating due to having to require loans to get your business started. If your business is new that does not mean that all hope is lost as we have taken on companies before that have little experience in this market. It is important to note that the fees for a start-up company are normally higher than that of one that can be considered as established due to the high risk nature that this can bring.

Will your company want the option of being able to process payments from offshore and domestic accounts?

The adult industry business is one that has almost exclusively become online and can have customers from all over the world as a result. We are able to process any overseas transactions that are made to your account but it is important to understand that these transactions will account for an increase in fees due to the higher risk this poses to payments that are made domestically. Despite this, if you have a large overseas client base this can still be beneficial for your company as although there is more risk there is a higher chance that you will be able to gain more customers as a result.

What do I need to apply?

  • Proof of ID

  • Complete application form

  • Recent utility bill

  • A working model of your business

  • Transaction history of at least 3 months